Mission Statement

In an increasingly interdependent, fast-paced and connected world, parents, teachers and community leaders must cooperate to prepare our children for world citizenship. Our children are uniquely positioned as Indian-Americans to be productive and influential members of society.

We believe that proficiency in the Languages of India and an understanding and appreciation of the Culture and Values of India are important components of their education that help them to discover and embrace their heritage and face life’s challenges with confidence.

To meet these objectives, Vidyalaya offers a comprehensive curriculum to students ranging from Kindergarten to high school.


Classes are held online approximately 30 Sundays per year from September to June. Each student attends three classes each Sunday. Google Classroom and Google Meet links are provided for each class. All times are Eastern USA times Sunday morning.

Time Class
09:30 - 9:55 General Assembly
10:00 - 10:55 Language Class
11:00 - 11:45 Culture Class

Language class is offered in Hindi, Gujarati and Telugu. Students are placed based on their proficiency in the Language. Culture Classes are held in English and students are placed in a class based on the grade they go to in their school.